Cona original N genuine electricals from Eleczo

Why should you prefer Cona?

Since the inception, from 1968, Cona is the brand known for electrical switches and wiring accessories. It is the leading supplier and exporter of electrical products all over the world. Cona, the brand is known for the great quality. The products are known for safety, durability and are available in affordable prices.

Why to shop wiring products?

Electric or wiring devices are the basic essentiality of any field or infrastructure which may be industrial, office, home or residential use. Without wiring devices, it is highly difficult to carry on our day to day activities.

Cona Original N Genuine electrical products from Eleczo

As Eleczo is the well-known and trusted online site for electrical products, buyers can catch all the Cona products online. They are the wholesalers, distributors and suppliers of online electricals.

Hold an eye and check out the inclusive range of Cona original N genuine, online electrical devices from Eleczo.

  • Switches

Bell push and normal switches of white colour, current rating from 6A to 32A of the mentioned models are handled.

  • Sockets

White colour sockets of the rated current 6A, 13A, 16A with 2, 3, 5 pin and international and universal sockets of various modules are available.

  • Cord outlets

White coloured cord outlets of status and trump models of 1 module are in stock.

  • Cover plates

Cover plates with support frames of platinum, status, trump models having 1 to 6 modules of vibrant colours are sold.

  • Blank plates

Blank plates of white colour of module 1 having similar modules to that of cover plates are transacted.

  • Fan regulators and dimmers

Platinum, status, luxury, trump models of dimmer light and fan regulator with 1 and 2 modules coloured white are transacted.

  • Plug top

Regular 3 pin plug tops are in operated.

Why relay on Eleczo for online electricals?

  • Online dealers and retailers of Eleczo
  • Benefits and add ons on the payment
  • Timely dispatch
  • Online technical discussions between the dealers
  • Online platform to meet buyers and sellers
  • Short time and best shopping experience
  • Bulk orders and credit payments
  • Rate contracts and track orders.