Power Contactors

Power Contactors

Power Contactors Of Top Brands Only at Eleczo.com!

Power Contactor A Controlling Device: Contactors are primarily used for controlling thermal evaporators, electric motors, electrical capacitor banks and several other lighting loads and motors. A Contactor is comprised of auxiliary contacts, power contacts and contact springs and finds several applications in commercial and industrial segments.

3-Pole Power Contactors at Eleczo

Eleczo’s broad range of Power Contactors is available in 3-pole configuration, and can be added more in future. Some of the electrical Power Contactors at Eleczo with various rated voltage includes:

  • 24V AC
  • 42V AC
  • 110V AC
  • 230V AC
  • 415V AC

Choose the most applicable product as per the voltage and current rating and make a brilliant decision by choosing the best rather than what’s available!

Power Contactor - One Product, Varied Applications:

A Contactor or Power Switch is composed of two major parts: the contacts and the coil. At our online electric store, you will find the power contactors with either normally open or normally closed auxiliary contacts as per your requirement. Purchase Contactor from Eleczo and use that in any of the following applications and see the difference yourself:

  • Magnetic Starters
  • Vacuum Contactors
  • Lighting Control

Safe and Secure Products at Our Electrical Zone..!

If a suitable power Contactor or power switch is not used, then it might cause overheating of coil or some physical damage or an electrical short. Moreover, there might be a case when you had to replace a particular Contactor after just a few thousand operations.

So it’s better not to make a quick decision for shopping anything from a local store without knowing the details of what you are purchasing from your money. Instead, come Eleczo, ask for a better product and we will do our 100% to give you the best amongst all. That’s our promise!

A Lot More - Eleczo.com!!!

Eleczo is not limited to only Circuit Breakers or Contactors. We have a lot more than that! Tell us any of your electrical requirements (Products or Accessories) and get a comprehensive solution to all your needs in the smartest way.

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