EMA Bangalore

The Electrical Merchant Association, Bangalore was established in 1956 by a small group of electrical merchants with a common objective to serve the merchants and the suppliers. In its grand journey of 60 years, EMA has been involved in various activities and events for social development, charity, fund raising as well as in promotion of electrical trade and industry. This year, the Association celebrated its glorious 60 years of establishment and to make it more memorable and dignified, a series of events were organized starting from the EMA Power Run that was held on 3rd July, 2016, to the following successive events:

  1. Diamond Jubilee Bazaar
  2. LED/Solar Convection
  3. Save Energy Campaign
  4. Glorifying 60 (Association’s Past & History of Electricity)
  5. Music Concert

Apart from social concerns, the Association members also voice trade related issues with the Government and other statutory bodies.EMA Bangalore has been registered under the Karnataka Societies Act, 1960 and is consistently participating and contributing to the society, be it the donation to the orphanages, distributing notebooks to the needy school children or during natural calamities such as earthquake and drought. Besides this, the EMA members actively participate in various social gatherings, picnics, national events and games. Additionally to uphold the participation, Eleczo - The Electrical Supplier supported EMA group by offering sponsorship to their various Events organized by Electrical Merchants’ Association Bangalore.