Pedestal Fans / Stand Fans

Pedestal Fans / Stand Fans

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Pedestal fans are portable electric fans on a stand. They are electrically powered devices explicitly used to circulate a cool breeze around a room. Pedestal fans are the best alternative to the ceiling fan in low ceiling rooms with available floor space.

Moreover, a pedestal fan provides soothing ventilation to a room in countries where the weather can get scorching and humid. Most pedestal fans come with multiple fan speeds and regulator systems. Besides providing a relaxed and steady airflow in the room, you can also use pedestal fans to dry wet clothes in the monsoon season.

Best quality pedestal fans with smooth oscillation, powerful airflow, and silent operation keep you in the comfort zone.

Why buy a Pedestal Fan?

Pedestal fans have a high-speed airflow with adjustable heights. Moreover, they have the oscillation function, which can provide a wide range of air spread than standard ceiling fans or table fans. The oscillation function also helps adjust the direction of the airflow and fix it to one specific direction. These fans are generally used in large rooms where ceiling fans are not efficient enough to provide a consistent spread of air throughout. Moreover, stand fans are power efficient and consume less electricity. Besides all the basic functionalities, pedestal fans also come with remote control functionalities that increase their convenience.

Features of Pedestal fans


Pedestal fans provide the best portability compared to any other fan in the industry. They are lightweight and can be moved from one room to another with ease. As they need only a power source to function, they can be connected and used almost anywhere as long as there is enough floor space to keep it.


Portable fans come in various sizes and designs. They have multiple speed functions and are designed to have a more extensive air spread to have the oscillation function. Moreover, pedestal fans have adjustable stands that help fix different heights for the fan in different situations. The design of pedestal fans makes them convenient to use for all purposes.

Smooth Motor Operations

Pedestal fans are high-speed with motors that are smooth and almost silent. The smooth motor operations in a pedestal fan make it a comfortable choice for a fast and consistent airflow in hot and humid weather.

Low Maintenance

With the requirement of only a power outlet, pedestal fans are easy to use. Moreover, pedestal fans do not require any maintenance and can easily be stored when not in use. The only care a pedestal fan needs is regular cleaning, which is easy and can be done by anyone.


Pedestal fans are incredibly durable. Their stand is made of metal, which makes it last for years without any sign of trouble. Moreover, the materials used in pedestal fans are mainly metal and high-quality plastic, which makes them easy to change and free from wearing off quickly.


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