Fix the Tight Less Nuts & Bolts of an Appliances with Reliable Spanners

A spanner is a simple machine that helps in fixing up any nut in the appliance, which are available in various size accordingly. They have, in tab shape such that it can hold the nut tight and then in applying pressure it is moved in the desire motion and direction. It is widely also called as wrench in a simpler form, or the wrench, which are in different size for different purpose nut turn.

All Sorts of Spanners in at One Platform

Each spanner is built according to a nut depends on the size, opening depends on the nut sized and the granule in the nut defines the tab shape in the spanner or wrench.
We at Eleczo, deals with all types of spanner include the Adjustable, Combination, Double End & L.
We also provide spanners up to 310 Millimeter in size vary from its grip & handles.

Top Brand Spanners That We Hold

With wide range of Spanners in our online catalog, we listed out the top-notch brand products include PYE & Taparia available in various sizes & different shapes. For genuine top notch brand products visit – one stop solution for all your top brand electrical products.

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