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Honeywell devices from Eleczo

Why buy Honeywell products?

Honeywell, a well-known American company, producing variety of consumer oriented products, commercial products, electrical products and other products and services serving other domains. It is one among fortune 100 company, ranked 73rd amongst fortune 500 companies. It is known for its quality and sustainability. Honeywell brand, satisfies the consumer and serves the purpose.

Honeywell electrical devices from Eleczo

Electrical devices are used in our routine life, in all the fields like, industries, residence, offices etc. Wiring devices serve the basic purpose of any electrical utility for the users. Honeywell products can be bought online from Eleczo as they are the leading dealers, distributors and suppliers of electrical products.
Honeywell electrical devices from Eleczo:

Buy wiring devices on the basis of models, module, colours, rated current and types etc.
Some of the devices and its description mentioned are below:

  • Foot lights of Blenze Plus, Citric, Wraparound models of 2, 3 and 5 modules of black and white colours are available.
  • Telephone and information outlets of Aspect and the above mentioned models of 1 module of the type RJ 11, RJ 45(Cat 5 and 6) are in stock.
  • Audio and video sockets of the similar specification of the mentioned module, model and colours, of RCA Audio Video and other types are transacted.
  • Fan and Regulators categorising dimmer light and fan regulator of the mentioned models and Midas model of Rotary and step types, having 1, 2 modules are operated.
  • Motor starters of 230V AC of the current 16/25A, 25A of 1 phase devices are available.
  • Metal concealed boxes of1 to 5 modules are sold.
  • PVC Surface mounting box of 1/3 to 6/8 modules of the above mentioned models are held.
  • Cover plates with and without support frames of the modules 1 to 5 having vibrant colours of similar models and Citric model are mentioned.

Why buy Electricals from Eleczo?

  • Online wholesalers, suppliers and retailers on electricals
  • One platform, all electricals
  • Eleczo guaranteed and assured
  • Timely delivery and quick shopping
  • Technical consulters online
  • Multiple payments and add on benefits
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