LED Spot Lights

LED Spot Lights

LED Spot Light: Everything You Need to Know

These are a set of lights used specifically to focus on a particular area. LED Spotlight can be seen in theatres as a lighting system, musical shows, concerts, stage lighting, and more.

LED Spotlight Types:

The most commonly used spotlights are:

  • PAR Pin
  • Plano Convex
  • Ellipsoidal
  • Follow-spot
  • Fresnel
  • Parabolic Aluminized Reflector [PAR]
  • Beam Projector

Spot Light Application:

These LED Spot lighting products are not only adjustable as per the requirement but are also available in a wide color spectrum. Other features include less energy consumption, have a far better functional life as compared to traditional lights and bulbs, high brightness, etc.

LED Spotlights: Input Power Wattage Ratings at Eleczo

Currently, Eleczo supplies Wall/Column mounting type Spotlights with a color temperature of 6500K (cool white) and 2700K (warm white). The input power wattage being:

  • 23W
  • 33W
  • 1X3W
  • 2X3W

Cool white light is usually an artificially white light whereas warm white light is installed to have a cosy atmosphere.

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What Else You Can Sell and Buy on Eleczo.com?

Since, we are dealing with online electrical shopping website, you can sell and buy any electrical items and accessories at Eleczo.com. Few major categories & sub-categories listed in our product catalogue are:

  • Wires and cables (Flat, Pair, Multi-core & Single-core cable)
  • Industrial plugs and sockets
  • Wiring devices and accessories (Switch, Socket, Regulators, Starter, etc.)
  • Protective relays (Earth leakage relay, earth fault relay)
  • AC MFD and power capacitor
  • Distribution products
  • Control gear (Push button, Overload relay, MPCB, Auxiliary & Power Contactor)
  • Low-voltage switchgear ( by-pass switch, ATy’s, SDF Switch fuse disconnector, HRC fuse, Load break switch, MCB, MCCB, RCCB, Air-circuit breaker, etc), and more
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