Bulk Head Lights

Bulk Head Lights

Buy Best Price LED Bulkhead Lights From Eleczo — The Leading Supplier of Electrical Products

Bulk head lightings are designed with an intricate geometrical shapes like oblong, square, oval, round bulk fittings, etc., varies as per user requirements. These lights with bulk head are manufactured with an intention to protect LED bulbs and lamps fitted inside the bulkhead from various environmental condition as well as from any other damage.

Advantages and Uses of LED Bulk Head Lights

With its multi-purpose usage, bulkhead lighting is used in every application whether you need it for industrial or domestic purpose. However, as per different application bulk head fitting and light fixtures varies accordingly such as for wall it will be different than compared to bulkhead fitting for ceiling. These lights provide a robust, durable, and impressive style for both outdoor and interior lighting. Additionally, with LED bulkhead lamps coming into the market has acquired the position of energy-efficient lighting solution.

Unmatchable Listing of Bulkhead Lightings Only at Eleczo - The Electrical Zone

Owing to the enormous advantages, we at Eleczo.com includes various types of bulk head light classified as follows: 

  • Based on application (emergency, passage, glass covered, exit bulk head lights, etc.)
  • Based on colour temperature (cool day light, warm, blue, grey bulk head LED, etc.)
  • As per specification (70,180,50 Watt bulk head fittings)
  • Dimension (2x18, 1X10, 2X15 led light etc.)

And many more in the list to meet all our buyers need only at our electrical online shop!

Trusted Brands with Assured Quality Electrical Products...!

Being foremost distributors of electricals, we accommodate each and every electrical product from leading manufacturers and suppliers like Philips, Crompton, Polycab, Syska LED, EATON, GM, etc., to ensure our buyers receive quality bulk head bulbs and lamps or any other lighting product (clean room lights, LED panel lights, 2X2 LED lights, LED spot lights, High-bay lights, etc.) at best price in india.

Eleczo - Wholesale Dealer of Electrical Products

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