ACB - Air Circuit Breakers

ACB - Air Circuit Breakers

Buy Air Circuit Breaker Switch & Safeguard the Electric Appliances from Short Circuits & Overcurrents

Air Circuit Breakers (ACB) safeguards the electrical circuits ranging from 800 Amps to 10000 Amps against short circuits and over current. ACBs are used to low voltage applications below 450V.

It is mainly used in the master of the factory or building to connect various electrical accessories to cut-off the high currents.

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We at Eleczo, are ACB electrical suppliers, dealers and distributors of top-notch brands like L&T Switchgear, Schneider Electric, Siemens and many more to meet the B2B requirements of our customers. Thousands of industrial professionals trust our brands and products for the best quality and deliverance. No matter which brand you are looking for, you will get the complete list of products and brands on our portal. In addition, you can view L&T Switchgear price list and carry-on budget-friendly shopping.

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ACB of models MasterPact NW - Schneider Electric, Sentron 3WL - Siemens, C-Power - L&T Switchgear and many more of 3 and 4 poles are available online. Based on the tripping characteristic, ACBs are differentiated into Electronic / Microprocessor, Thermal Magnetic types. Distinctive operating types of ACBs of rated current from 400A to 4000A are in stock. For further information and specification on each product are well-crafted in ACB catalog.

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Wide variety of qualitative ACBs is offered by air circuit breaker switch suppliers online on We provide durable and genuine products that serve our consumers leaving 100% customer satisfaction. Our trust in assurance of products and services has created a huge demand for ACBs.

Best Selling Air Circuit Breakers & Most Enquired ACB Price List in India

Top Selling ACB Discount Price
Siemens Sentron 3WT8080-6AA00-0AA2 800 Amp 3 Pole ACB 58% off 66,513.30/- Each
Siemens Sentron 3WT8105-6UA34-5AB2 1000 Amp 4 Pole ACB 58% off 1,50,561.50/- Each
Siemens Sentron 3WL1116-2FG36-4GA2 1600 Amp 3 Pole ACB 60% off 1,86,362.00/- Each
Siemens Sentron 3WT8252-5AA00-0AA 2500 Amp 3 Pole ACB 58% off 1,25,496.00/- Each
L&T Switchgear C-Power SL95352 800 Amp 4 Pole ACB - 2,08,870.00/- Each
L&T Switchgear C-Power SL95593 1000 Amp 4 Pole ACB - 1,88,400.00/- Each
L&T Switchgear C-Power SL95515 1600 Amp 4 Pole ACB - 2,25,280.00/- Each
Schneider Electric Easypact MVS10N4MW2A 1000 Amp 4 Pole ACB - 2,89,880/- Each
Schneider Electric Easypact MVS16N3NW2V 1600 Amp 3 Pole ACB - 3,63,170.00/- Each
Schneider Electric Easypact MVS25N4MW6L 2500 Amp 4 Pole ACB - 5,79,980.00/- Each

Moreover, you can also compare multiple products of your choice online and shop the best suitable one with the updated air circuit breaker price list.

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If you wish to buy top-notch durable ACB, shop at - the one-stop destination for all electrical goods. Along with ACB, you can also buy other electrical products and equipments like wires and cables, switches, lights and fans, RCCB, MCCB, MCB and many more that meet your residential and industrial purposes. We have 600+ certified sellers, transacting 50+ brands of 50k+ electrifying products. Our hassle-free shopping and on-time delivery services make the process quick and easy. In addition, avail amazing deals and discounts on your purchase. Shop ACB and other electrical products online at

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