ATyS: Buy ATy'S Online in India:

ATyS are motorised transfer switches and are primarily used for transferring load supply in low voltage systems. ATy’S are 100% safer and provide high performance switching operation. In addition to this, these are compact in size and easy to maintain that makes them a preferred choice. The diversified ATyS range covers ATyS p, ATyS g, ATyS t, ATyS d, ATyS r, ATyS S and a lot more.

ATy'S at Eleczo India

At Eleczo, you will get these 4­pole switches of current rating ranging from 40 Ampere to 3200 Ampere. The two types of ATyS that we provide are:

  1. Automatic Transfer Switches
  2. Remotely Operated Transfer Switches

Shop for the suitable type of ATy’S as per the application required and have the best shopping experience ever!

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Other Power Control and Safety Products at Eleczo

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