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All About L&T Switchgear

Larsen & Toubro Limited primarily focuses on designing and manufacturing of Electrical Switchgear and Controlgear products. L&T products have been consistent in quality and keeps on enhancing for the customer’s benefits. Apart from this, they are being used in an array of industries ranging from infrastructure to agriculture. The most common electrical solutions by Larsen & Toubro being electrical systems, low and medium voltage switchgear products and energy meters.

Best Products by L&T

Make the best purchasing decision at Eleczo with L&T Switchgear Products at a cheaper cost. Our product catalogue for L&T includes the following categories:

Low Voltage Switchgears or LV Switchgears

  • HRC Fuses
  • Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
  • On Load Changeover Switch
  • Switch Fuse Disconnector
  • Air Circuit Breaker
  • Electrical Distribution Products
Control Gear Products
  • Auxiliary Contactor
  • Motor Protection Circuit Breaker (MPCB)
Wires and Cables
  • Multicore Cable

Shop for L&T Moulded Case Circuit Breaker MCCB at

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) was first launched by L&T. MCCBs have been used in various applications, including UPS, DC loads, DG sets, motors, APFC systems, transformers, distribution feeders, furnaces and a lot more. L&T MCCBs do not require any manual speed of operation and are used in AC as well as DC applications. The internal and external accessories in a Moulded Case Circuit Breaker comprises of trip alarm contact, shunt release, auxiliary contact block, under voltage release, residual current operated relays, plug-in adaptors, mechanical interlock, annunciation unit, sidewall operator, adaptor terminal with shroud, motorised remote operator and earth fault modules.

High Rupturing Capacity (HRC) Fuse by L&T

Various types of HRC Fuses by L&T includes BS, cylindrical and DIN. These are available in various sizes and rated current and are applied as per the application required. Various advantages of using L&T manufactured HRC Fuses include power saving, high breaking capacity and immediate indication of fault in the circuit. Moreover, these fuses also give high speed of operation and requires less or no maintenance.

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