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Since 1987, Norisys Technologies Private Limited is a known brand for electrical and wiring devices. The brand has created a benchmark in delivering high level product quality. Even now, it continues to re-define its standard with respect to design, material, technology and reach their customers’ expectation.

High quality, all variety of wiring devices

Eleczo, which is an emerging online platform in transacting electricals, adds the brand ‘Norisys’ to its bucket, helping to reach the end-users with its products.
Norisys transacts wide range of products. Hold an eye to check out the product list of wiring devices.

Array of electrical wiring devices

In general, Norisys electrical products are available in square and cube series of one, two and three modules.

Bell switches tailored to needs

Cube series of normal or bell push switches with or without indicators of current rating 6A, 16A and 24A are available.

Top quality sockets

Normal sockets of the mentioned series and modules having two, three, five, multiple and universal, international sockets of current rate 6A, 13A, 16A and 25A are available. Also, audio and video sockets of HDMI, RCA audio & video types, and saver sockets with the voltage of 110V AC and 220V AC featuring similar characteristics to that of normal sockets are transacted.

Electrical outlets as per your requirement

Cord, TV and USB outlets featuring square, cube series of module one are sold. Along with it, telephone and information outlet of RJ 11 and RJ 45 types are also sold.

Suitable switch board plates

Cover plates of one to six modules and blank plates of one module having multiple colours are in stock.

All the other products featuring same or similar specifications are transacted.

Reasons to choose Eleczo

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  • Good quality products at reasonable prices
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  • Provision to rate contract