Earth Fault Relay

Earth Fault Relay

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Earthfault relay is a safety device used in electrical installation. It is used in various industrial applications and wherever energy conservation is crucial. With the installation of such ground fault protection relay, your power system will remain stable for longer run. As they detect even small stray voltages, isolating the electrical equipment that is under fault, thus prevent the circuit failure and maintain continuous DC supply.

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Earth fault relays are very important part of your electrical settings, as it ensures power saving and safety against any electrical hazardous incident. Thus it becomes viable for you to buy it only from trusted brands with whom safety and quality comes guaranteed. And when it comes to buying electrical components; Eleczo is the best online store, where we house leading manufacturers and suppliers offering wide range of earth fault detection and monitoring relays. Some of the leading brands we have on our online shop are Prok dv’sSchneider Electric, L&T, Mennekes, ABB, Crompton, GM Modular, etc. delivering wide range of electrical products.

Types of Earth Fault Relays

  1. Mounting type - Flush, Din relays, etc.
  2. Diameter - 40mm, 65mm, 200mm, etc
  3. Specifications - Tape wound, Resin cast, etc.
  4. Rated voltage - (110v-550v)

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