Mohan Electricals (estd. 1967), our very first venture, imbibed in us consistency and resilience. We stand tall as the Mohan Group today with the same enthusiasm as we were over five decades ago. The commitment of our exceptional leaders; Mr. Mahaveer Jain, Mr. Vinod Jain, and Mr. Dinesh Jain are the backbone of our conglomerate. We are rooted in spirit and strive to take our immaculate reputation a notch higher.


At the heart of Eleczo is a dream - To build and grow Eleczo com as a leading global brand.Decades of hands-on experience reflects in our ability to embrace both scale and speed in the digital era. Our leadership is customer focussed and is pledged to deliver.


Our aim is to craft a refined and state of the art industrial, electrical supply venture where we equip your dreams with the correct expertise. We want you to run your business from the comfort of a click. Our brains are focused on providing your businesses AI-based solutions that predict your needs beforehand.







Our Journey

Mohan Electricals

Mohan Electricals was started by Late Mohan Laal Ji Khanted. He started thebusiness and looked to create a store for customers to rely upon and have a trustworthy relationship with.



Mohan Industrial Supplies

Mohan Industrial Supplies is the second venture of Mohan Group. With the growth of the business, Mohan group moved on to distributorship with more brands and pipelines.



Mohan Exim India Pvt. Ltd.

Mohan Exim India Pvt. Ltd. Was created to incur rapid growth of the business in the distribution of electrical goods & emerging as the fastest growing distributor for brands & promising suppliers for the electrical industry.



Eleczo – Stepping Stones to Digital Era

Eleczo solves the problem and executes big ideas. Eleczo simplify implementation and feasibility so that business have time to work on what they do best. Eleczo is not just partners on paper – also comes up with innovative ideas that are effective and customizable to business wants. We are enablers, making procurement hassle-free.



Meet Our Team

Mahaveer M Jain


Vinod M Jain

Managing Director

V R Bhaskar Raj URS


Darshan V Jain


Rajneesh Kumar