PVC Conduit Pipes

PVC Conduit Pipes

Eleczo Offers Superior Quality PVC Conduit Pipes at Best Price in India...!

PVC conduit pipes, tubes and fittings made of polyvinyl chloride are mainly used for transporting liquids as well as for telecommunication.

PVC Electrical Conduit — Endless Benefits

PVC round conduit pipes and cables are also preferred for low voltage electrical application offering variety of advantages such as:

  1. Good electrical and insulation properties over a wide temperature range (for transporting liquid the limit is 140F)
  2. Excellent durability and long-life expectancy
  3. Low price
  4. Resistance to ultra violet light

Multi-Type PVC Conduit Pipe

PVC conduit fittings and pipes are classified based on specifications (size, colour, thickness), flexibility and user application. Majority selling PVC conduit pipes are of 25mm, 16mm, 20mm, 19mm length with colour availability in black, white, grey, blue, yellow, etc. However, white, grey & black pvc pipes are mostly seen in plumbing applications.

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Eleczo - The electrical wholesaler brings you leading brands providing assured electrical products at best price in India. Currently our online store houses Precision’s black coloured round conduit pipes available in 16mm, 25mm, 19mm and 20mm. We Offer each product at wholesale price in addition to various discounts over individual item, so that our buyers get every electrical product at lowest rates making their purchase inexpensive.

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Apart from PVC Conduit and Accessories we have gathered best of electricals from top notch manufacturers and dealers like Philips, Schneider Electric, Honeywell, ABB, Crompton, Hager, Polycab, Siemens, C&S, L&T, GM, Mennekes, etc. selling qualified electrical components on our online shop at best prices. Furthermore, our electrical suppliers provide services like rate contracts and credit policy ensuring that customers get the best rates on bulk buying.

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To fulfill our customer's entire electrical needs, all at our online shop, we have included Power distribution products, Low voltage switch gears, Push button, Wiring devices, CFL and LED lights, etc. in our product listing. Our distributor team make sure every electrical good bought from Eleczo reaches your doorstep with fastest delivery and cheapest price.

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