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Siemens: A trusted name in electrical industry

Siemens has been a recognized Brand in the electric segment that provides flexible, easy-to-use, efficient, safe, economical and reliable products. Be it a residential project or industrial one, Siemens has been consistently manufacturing products are are high-in-performance.

All Products by Siemens: Eleczo India em-compasses a range of high-quality Siemens electrical products that are affordable to buyers. Some of the most common being:

Low Voltage Switchgears

  • HRC Fuses
  • Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)
  • Switch Fuse Disconnector
  • Air Circuit Breaker


Distribution Products

  • Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)
  • Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB)


Control Gears

  • Power Contactor
  • Capacitor Duty Contactor
  • Indicating Lamps
  • Illumination Modules
  • Motor Protection Circuit Breake (MPCB)
  • Push Buttons
  • Overload Relays


So if you are getting all Siemens product under one platform, then why to search for something else?

Purchase Siemens Products from Eleczo

Whether you need Miniature Circuit Breaker MCB for your residential needs or relays in your industries, we have a huge stock of Siemens products that you’re looking for. And we assure to give you the best service from registration on Eleczo to ordering your desired product. Eleczo, being a premier electrical products supplier, only offers Branded products and that too at a cost that everyone can afford!

Siemens Push Buttons at Eleczo

Push Button act as a commanding and signalling device and is composed of an actuator, panel door, holder, pressure screws, contact block and other related accessories. At Eleczo’s online store, you will find Normal Type and Raised Type of Push Buttons. Select the most suitable one as per the application required.

Siemens ACB:

One of the smartest solution by Siemens are the ACBs that are not only economical but also offers high degree of performance. Air Circuit Breakers by Siemens come in 3-pole and 4-pole version and have a high breaking capacity. These ACBs come in fixed mountain design and withdraw-able design with guide frame. Few technical features in these Siemens manufactured ACBs include ready-to-close indicator, attractive appearance and comprises of a wide range of other related accessories.

Eleczo and Siemens: The Perfect Shopping Combination

Eleczo, the electrical zone, being one of the premier supplier of Siemens products, also gives some best discounts to its registered customers. Besides this, also get the complete details of the products that you are buying in the product detail itself so as to spend your money wisely. Have a look at our products here at and register now!

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  • MCCB circuit breakers surprised with 58% discount

  • ACB circuit breakers- 60%

  • Auxiliary contactor- 54%

  • Indicating Lamps with a new collection- 53%

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