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9 Electric-Industrial Plugs & Sockets

Industrial Plugs & Sockets

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Industrial Plugs & Sockets

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Industrial Plug and Socket are mainly used to connect the electrical equipments to AC power supply. These power plug & sockets are one of the most integral parts in the electrical industry. The complete electrical connection depends upon industrial plug socket, wire cable and if these are not perfect, there might be some drastic damages in the connection.

In order to maintain electrical stability, it’s necessary to select the safest and latest electrical plugs & sockets. Being a recently launched E-commerce Website for electricals, Eleczo - The Online Electricals Store comprises of all the modernistic electrical plug and socket connectors so as to cater your advanced needs.

Why to Buy Plug & Sockets from

Convenient delivery, high accuracy products at irresistible prices, easy payment module, elaborated product details are what we provide just to make sure that each and every customer at Eleczo get an utter satisfaction after getting the product.

Types of Industrial Sockets and Plugs at Our Electrical Store

Eleczo, the Electrical Shop one of the best Industrial Plug and Socket Suppliers in India, supplies a majority of Industrial Plugs & industrial Sockets (Receptacles) of various poles that include:

  • 2+E
  • 3+E
  • 3+N+E

Apart from Plugs/Sockets, our Electrical Zone also has some other products including LEDs, MCBs, MPCBs, Switches, Overload Relays, Wires, Capacitor, ACBs, MCCBs, Fuses, and more.

You Can’t Get Better than Eleczo!!

Imagine some fault has been occurred in a plug or you need to buy some plugs, socket or receptacles for your recently opened industry. So, will you opt to roam in the market going from one electric shop to another in search of the safest plug for your appliances at feasible cost? Or you simply log in to, browse through the list of industrial plugs and sockets, check out for the complete technical details of each one of them, compare and then make the best judgment?

Advanced Shopping: Smarter Products

Purchasing electrical products online is itself a smarter way of getting things done. And choosing Eleczo as the shopping destination will make it smartest!!