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Brands of Relays

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Why should you buy a relay?

A relay is an automated electromagnetic switch which can turn on or off the electric current, allowing the required flow to the circuit. It is important to protect the electrical appliances from overload and circuits. In order to safeguard the appliances, buy an overloaded relay, earth faulty relay or earth leakage relay online, in accordance to the need.

Check out the types of relays:

  • Automatic power factor correction relay (APFC)

Overload relays senses the current flow to the motor and acts as a protection. It is usually used by electrical constructors.

It can be purchased based on the model, size, output, Aux Supply, communication interface and steps.


  • BR4000 – TDK EPCOS
  • BR5000 – TDK EPCOS
  • BR6000 – TDK EPCOS
  • Etacon M series – L & T

Aux Supply

  • 415 / 110V AC
  • 230V AC
  • 240V AC
  • 415V AC

Communication Interface

  • RS232
  • RS232 And RS485
  • RS485
  • Without Communication Interface

Productive relay is used as a prompt removal during the electric fault from any element and it acts as a protector during short circuit or abnormal cause.

APFCs are used for power improvements facilitating active current flow and simultaneous power monitoring.

Catch out the brand list

  • ABB
  • Havells
  • L&T Switchgear
  • Legrand
  • Indoasian

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