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Reducer is a part of conduit pipeline fitting and accessories. It allows to make changes in pipe size to meet hydraulic flow requirements of the system. As the name suggest its function is to reduce the pipe size from larger to smaller diameter.

Types of Reducer

Conduit reducers are classified based on size, material and application for which it is used, some of them are:

  • Reducer bushing - Having threaded ends and are used for tight sealing purposes. This is suitable where the pipes may need to be removed or replaced regularly and flow or conduit pipe size needs reduction.
  • Fuse reducer - Used for electrical application. It allows smaller size fuse to be installed into existing fuse clips to prevent over-fusing.
  • Reducer coupling - It act as a power reducer combining both Coupler and reducer in a single component, providing direct reduction on the piping run.
  • PVC Reducer - It is the largest selling pvc connector used for reducing the size of pvc conduits by use of adhesive bonds.

Nowadays, manufacturers have even started supplying customised reducers with respect to client’s specification in order to make it more user specific.

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