Auxiliary Contactors

Auxiliary Contactors

Get to Know What Auxiliary Contactor can Benefits You

Auxiliary contactors are generally attached to rellays to hold the load. Their main work is to assist the load rellay such that the main gear is when not in work are put to stand mode and current flow is easily used to remove and avoid load to pass on heavy ampere state.

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There is a wide variety available in here and we make sure that the contactors you choose are for sure a wise decision by listing best with the best brands, which are, ABB, C&S Electric, Havells, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Eaton, Legrand & many more in at one stop, make your buying feasible more efficient choosing ease at one touch on tips.

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The auxiliary conatctors range within 1 normally open to 3 normally closed, coil voltage in the values 23 alternating currents to 230 alternating current and a set belonging to 63-ampere rating current (up to 10 kilovolts ampere reactive). We at Eleczo believe service is best satisfied when it comes personally, thus we as an Auxiliary Contactor supplier, dealer and distributor providing you assured product at best discount price. Prefer Eleczo to buy auxiliary contactors online also check out our latest L&T Switchgear Auxiliary Contactor price list.

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