Auxiliary Contactors

Auxiliary Contactors

Auxiliary Contactor with Best Discount Prices in India on

Basic Idea about Auxiliary Contactors: An auxiliary contactor is primarily used in relay logic circuits and is either in normally-open (NO) or normally-closed (NC) state depending upon the requirement.

Auxiliary Contactors at Eleczo: Rated Voltage

Eleczo offers Contactors with 10Ampere rated current. In addition to this, Auxiliary Contactors with following rated voltage are available at our online electrical store:

  • 24V AC
  • 110V AC
  • 220VAC
  • 415V AC
  • 24V DC
  • 110V DC
  • 220V DC

Buy Auxiliary Contactor of Top Brands at Eleczo India

At Eleczo, we don’t aim to make huge profits by selling low grade products at a much higher price to our customers. Instead, our primary focus is to provide industry’s best quality products that meet your demands at a competitive and reasonable cost. Eleczo don’t believe in compromising with the quality of the product(s) listed, and that’s the reason we only sell top Branded electrical products to our customers, namely:

  • Schneider Electric
  • L&T Switchgear
  • Hager
  • Havells
  • Lapp Kabel
  • Siemens
  • Polycab

For a complete list of the Brands that we supply, please visit:

Sell & Grow with Eleczo

If you are an electrical product supplier, and want to expand your business online, choose Eleczo. Our highly qualified and experienced team will not only help you to explore new opportunities in this E-commerce World, but also assist you from becoming our registered seller to sell your electrical goods online and make a broader customer outreach.

We bet that as a seller, you won’t get a better means to showcase your electric components other than our electrical zone. Additionally, we will also help to make your inventory moving as well as reducing the complications of manpower handling. Other Electrical Products

Some of the other electrical products from our online store include:

  • LED Lights
  • Plugs and Sockets
  • Miniature Circuit Breaker and other low-voltage circuit breakers
  • On and Off Load Changeover Switch, and so on
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