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C & S Electricals from Eleczo

Why have C&S Electricals at your place?

C & S is an electrical company which came into force in 1966. It is a largest developer and manufacturer of power infrastructure and electricals and is also labelled as ‘Made in India’, which is accepted in the country and overseas. Over 50 years, has showcased its quality in production of electrical goods, excellent culture and trust worthiness towards its customers.

Necessity of electrical products

Electrical goods are required in all the fields as it takes in electrical current and allows the flow of electrons in the conductor and transforms it into other forms of energy.

So, if you are looking for low voltage switchgears or wiring devices, buy C&S electrical products online from Eleczo as it is known for high quality and performance. Eleczo is the leading online platform to meet all electrical needs. They are the trusted online dealers and distributors of electricals.

Expansive range of C & S Electrical products from Eleczo

Products are in plenty where each product is known for its quality, nature and specialised characteristics.
Following are the C & S electrical products from Eleczo:

Low Voltage switchgears

Wiring devices

C&S MCCB, MCB and RCB are available with 1 to 4 poles. All the low voltage switchgears are of the rated current from0.5 A to 63A and breaking current capacity of 10 KA to 80KA. Individual product having own specification is sold.

Wiring devices from 1 to 8 modules of vibrant colours of grey, white etc., are in stock. Each product and category of its own nature and feature are transacted.

Why select Eleczo?

  • Online wholesalers, suppliers and retailers of electricals
  • Customer specific
  • High quality and competitive prices
  • Durability and reliability
  • Stresses on quality and performance
  • Buyers and sellers transacting online
  • Provision of technical assistance
  • Easy pay and timely dispatch
  • Multiple payments and benefits on payments.