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Dowells terminals from Eleczo

Why choose Dowell brand?

Dowells deliver high quality electric products and matches the customer requirements. It renders wide range of tools, terminals and electrical products and is customer centric and client specific. It is committed towards its work and conveys high quality products and services, on time, at the right price. It continuously upgrades its products and designs to meet the latest technologies.

Why do you require cables or terminals?

A wire or a terminal act as a connecting factor between an electrical device and a component. It provides a point of connection to external circuits.

Dowells products from Eleczo

Dowells transacts number of terminals which help in connecting various devices. Through this terminals, cables and wires can be attached to a particular pin and can be pinged to a specific electronic device. If you are looking for a terminal of your requirement, then buy it online from Eleczo as they are the online dealers, wholesalers and distributors of electrical products.

Catch the diverse electrical terminals from Eleczo

Pin Terminals

Pin Terminal Double Grip (Pre-Insulated), Pin Terminal Insulated, Pin Terminal Non-Insulated are the types of Pin terminals of sizes,,,, 4.0sq.mmare available.

Tube terminals

Tube terminals of Aluminium for AL.XLPE Conductors, Aluminium Tube Terminals, Long Barrel, Copper Tube Terminal Heavy Duty BS-4579 sizing,,,, 2.5-5sq.mmare sold.

Ring terminals

Ring Terminals Double Grip (Pre-Insulated), Ring Terminals Insulated of 0.75 -4 sq. mm to 3.5 sq. mm are in stock.

Reducer terminals

Aluminium Reducer Terminals, Copper Reducer Terminals from2.5 sq mm to 16.5 sq mm are dealt.

Why pick Eleczo for electricals?

  • Online suppliers and retailers of Electricals
  • High quality and all variety of wires and cables
  • Easy and Hassel free shopping
  • All products are Eleczo assured
  • Certified buyers and sellers
  • Amazing payment facilities and benefits
  • Online technical consultors and advisers