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We would not exist without electric fans. Make a smart choice in a smart way for your destination. Eleczo— Recommended by millions of people. Update to the modern cooling technology with Eleczo. Our best fans control the indoor climate. The envy designs are available in our catalogue which are Designed to look the best and amazing performance at every time. Our catalogue includes Ceiling fans, Wall Fans, Table fans, Pedestal fans, and Exhaust Fans. Experience the power of best fans at eleczo for your comfort and luxury on your workplaces. Don’t worry about energy bills; Eleczo is a great way to keep your electricity bill under control. We are online Suppliers, Dealers, and Distributors to provide the best quality fans in the most reasonable prices. Our doorstep delivery & free servicing to keep you tension free. Each of our products is your best step towards the protection you want. Our purchasing factors will never let you down. Buy more!!

Pedestal Fans / Stand Fans

Pedestal Fans / Stand Fans

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Brands of Fans

Summer Can Exhaust You, But Not Eleczo!

Quality, style and price are the three important things to consider while buying a fan. At Eleczo, we offer a wide range of fans that are excellent in all these parameters.

Why electrical fans?

ACs are a costly affair. Everyone can’t afford it as it would cause a huge amount of electricity bill. No more worry. A quality fan can be an alternative to it. Fans don’t just keep you cool, but they can also enhance the beauty of your ceiling or wall, whether it is a home or an office. Check out a wide range of fans we offer you.

A wide range of optimum quality fans to meet your need

Whether you need a ceiling fan with beautifully designed blades or a wall fun that can circulate the air at very high speed, we have a wide range of fans to meet your need. If you don’t have a facility made to install a ceiling fan, a pedestal fan can be an ideal choice you can make. We offer pedestal fans at attractive prices.

If you’re looking for a fan for your small cube, a table fan can be the best choice. If you need an exhaust fan to have odourless and moisture free rooms, make an affordable buy on Eleczo.

Whether you need a branded fan for your office or home or industrial space, we have of fans of all major brands, including Crompton fans, to meet your requirement. The fans we sell are ENERGY STAR rated and exceptional in blade pitch, blade finish and motor quality.

Here is a list of fans we offer you:

Types of Fans

Fans come in different shapes and sizes with varied functionalities. Here is a list of the different types of fans and their functionalities.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are hub-mounted rotating blades that evenly spread air throughout the air. They are hung from the ceiling, hence the name Ceiling fan. They are usually placed in the middle of the room to spread air evenly throughout the room. Ceiling fans come in various sizes and vary from the number of blades mounted from three to five blades. In their usual terms of usage, one can use ceiling fans to either cool or heat the room with its reverse mechanism to control the flow of air direction.

Table Fans

Table fans are small and compact fans placed on any concrete and plane surface like a table or the floor. They have a built-in gadget control that helps control the power or rotation speed of the fan. They are incredibly flexible to use, very portable, and one of the most convenient cool air sources in a room. With advanced technologies, table fans come with a built-in remote control that increases the convenience of the use. Unlike the ceiling fan's vertical air spread, table fans give a horizontal; stream of air and spread air equally and conveniently, providing proper air ventilation.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans or ventilation fans are mainly found in bathrooms or kitchens in a house and are also used in industrial factories. The operational functionalities of the exhaust fan are similar to other fans. The only difference being, the exhaust fan is used to push air out of a room. The blades of an exhaust rotate at very high speeds and pull hot air out of rooms or industrial facilities to keep the room filled with cool and fresh air.

Pedestal Fans

One of the most versatile types of fans is the Pedestal Fan. It is an oscillating fan that rests on a tall stand with an adjustable height according to your convenience. Pedestal fans are also called stand fans and have a rotation function that helps equal air distribution in all directions horizontally throughout the room.

Wall Fans

Wall-mounted fans are generally used in low-ceiling rooms with limited floor space. These fans are ideal for office spaces, party halls, warehouses, or auditoriums. They push air through a particular area and provides high speed and cool air. Wall fans are mostly used in air-conditioned rooms to spread the cool air from the air condition throughout the room or to target areas. These fans are designed to be compact and are often fitted with remote control for convenient use and management.

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