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Single Core Cables

Single Core Cables

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Single Core Cable?

Single core cable consists of a single copper or aluminium wire. These types of one core cables are used in various commercial, domestic and industrial applications such as internal wiring, supplementary earth bonding, fixed installations, etc. A single core electrical cable is more durable and rugged as compared to other types of cables.

A single core oe 1core cable is also comes with different specifications and types such as .5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, …, and single core main cables, power cables, flexible cables, welding cables, wiring cables, copper wire, low voltage cable, and so on.

Shop Single Core Cables Online in India:

Eleczo’s online electrical zone comprises of an array of single or 1 core cable which is easy to operate as well as highly durable. Let us know what type of cable(s) you want and for what purpose, and we will provide you the best amongst all. Our team at Eleczo work round-the-clock to bring the most unique and latest electrical single-core cables (also plug sockets, switches, lights, overload relay, contactors, etc.) for you and that too at pocket-friendly prices.

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