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A Pioneer in Wiring Systems: GreatWhite Electricals

If you are looking for the safest electrical wiring devices, GreatWhite Electricals is the Brand that gives the best of them. With over decades of experience in the electrical industry, the company is well-known for offering products that have greater functionality and maximum reliability.

Major GreatWhite Products at Eleczo.com

GreatWhite’s product portfolio encompasses a vast range of electrical wiring devices, which are mentioned below:

Choose the one that fits the best as per your requirement and budget. And if you get confused at any point of time, have a check on the product’s technical specification or consult our team to have a better understanding.

Major Electrical Items by GreatWhite

GreatWhite electricals has been providing a vast product portfolio to the residential, industrial and commercial sectors that covers:

  • Electrical Wiring Devices (Myrah, Fiana, Petra, Tivoli, Myrah Touch)
  • Wires and Cables (SecureX - FR, SecureX Plus – FRLSH, SecureX Ultra - ZHFR)
  • Single/Multicore Cables (Flexible Cables, Round Multi-Core Cables, Flat Submersible Cables)
  • Communication Cables (Telephone Cables, Co-axial Cable, LAN Cable - Cat5E 100 MHz/Cat6 300MHz)
  • Circuit Protection Systems (MCBs, RCCBs, DBs)
  • Lights & Consumer Luminaries (LED's / CFL's)

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