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MCB - Miniature Circuit Breakers
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Schneider Electric: A Reliable Brand in The Electrical Industry

Name an electricity distribution, automation management or installation component and Schneider Electric has with it all. A multinational Brand serving the electrical segment since years is now a supplier of Eleczo too!!

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Eleczo offers an extensive range of electrical products by one of the most trusted Brand Schneider Electric, namely:

From switches to systems, Schneider products are all safe, efficient and sustainable. And buying these Branded products at a comparatively lesser price is like a plus. Get any of these protection devices at your doorstep and make Eleczo a preferred choice to purchase electric products online.

Other Electrical Products by Schneider

Apart from circuit breakers, you will also find other schneider low voltage switchgear, controlgear, distribution products on Eleczo such as:

  • Auxiliary Contactors
  • Power Contactors
  • Capacitor Duty Contactors
  • Push Buttons
  • Indicating Lamps
  • Overload Relays
  • Switches and Sockets
  • Industrial Plugs and Sockets

Schneider and Eleczo: Quality Products with Better Performance

If you’re looking for products with a greater life span, high reliability and durability and which are easy to install, then Eleczo (Electrical Distributor) is the right destination to fulfill all your requirements.

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Schneider Electric ACBs

Buy Schneider Electric’s Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) at affordable prices and great discounts only from our online store. Order the most suitable Thermal Magnetic and Microprocessor Based Circuit Breakers at some amazing deals and offers only at Eleczo. Don’t miss out this amazing opportunity where you will get 3-Pole and 4-Pole ACBs with manually operated version along with the below features:

Rated Voltage: 500V, 440V

Protection Type:

  • Overload & Short-Circuit With Current Metering
  • Overload & Short-Circuit
  • Overload & Short-Circuit With Current Voltage Metering
  • Overload & Short-Circuit Earth-Fault With Current Metering
  • Overload & Short-Circuit With Earth-Fault
  • Overload & Short-Circuit Earth-Fault With Current and Voltage Metering

Rated Current:  630A, 800A, 1000A, 1250A, 1600A, 2000A, 2500A, 3200A, 4000A

Tripping Type:

  • Microprocessor based (318)
  • Thermal Magnetic (50)

Want to have a thorough details of Schneider Products?

Outstanding quality with exceptional features, that’s the USP of Schneider electric products! Even if you wish to see the complete details of the product that you are purchasing, we have that too! Browse through the product info and get a well-detailed PDF file of the product in a click.