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All About Socomec: Socomec is the major provider of power control systems and switching solutions throughout the World. Socomec covers the widest range of metering and monitoring products including energy meters, communication gateways, indicators and transducers, multifunction meters, safety enclosures, pulse concentrators as well as load break switches, UPS selectors, change over switches, surge arresters and various power conversion and energy storage solutions.

Socomec Products at a Glance

Low voltage switchgear products by Socomec that are available at Eleczo includes:

Socomec Load Break Switches: Are simple and easy to install, reliable and high in performance. These are mainly used in switchboards, distribution panels, emergency breaking, network coupling and local safety breaking.

Socomec On Load Changeover Switches: Have bounce free contacts, high thermal withstand capacity, compact design, high electrical endurance. These are used for safe isolation between two low voltage power circuits.

Remotely Operated Transfer Switch: These Switching Equipments by Socomec are simple in maintenance and have a diversified power supply range.

Bypass Switches by Socomec: To increase the network reliability, Bypass Switches are used. These switches operate in Bypass-off mode and Bypass-on mode. At Eleczo’s online portal, Bypass switches are available with 4-poles and 415V rated voltage. Bypass switches by Socomec are reliable and safer and have remote control capabilities with a high electric and secure operation. Online supplier of Socomec products

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