Multicore Cables

Multicore Cables

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The Types of Wires and Cables at - Eleczo offers a huge collection of wires and cables at a cost that everyone can afford. Major types include single core cable, pair cable, flat cable, multi-core cable.

What Is A Multi Core Cable?

Multi-core electrical cables are comprised of various cores that are bundled together in a single cable. These multiple cores are used for several different applications. A multicore cable finds extensive usage in electronic, electrical, military, marine, aircraft and medical segments as well as in machine tools, networking, control panels and several other industrial applications.

A multicore cable can be a 3 core cable, 4 core cable,..8 core cable,…20 core cable,..etc. Also, it is available with different names such as power cable, screened cable, shielded cable, coaxial cable, electrical cable, and so on.

Advantages of Multicore Cables

These include signal, data and power in the same single cable. Multi-core cables have great advantages over other types of cables such as:

  • High durability
  • Enhanced performance
  • Higher insulating capability
  • Compact and flexible design

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