Fan Regulators & Dimmers

Fan Regulators & Dimmers

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Fan Regulators and Dimmers: We All have this!

Fan Regulators, also known as Fan Switches are used to control the speed of a fan. A Ceiling Fan, being the most used electrical device everywhere, consists of a regulator which determines and regulates its speed.

Choose the Suitable Dimmer / Fan Speed Regulator to Save Electricity

Fan Regulators and light dimmer switch can be classified into:

  • Electric Regulator
  • Step Type Electronic Regulator
  • Movable Electronic Regulator

Selection of the appropriate fan regulator or led dimmer switch plays an important role in getting an efficient result as well as in consuming less power.

Fan Regulator & Dimmer Light Switch Models:

At our online electrical zone, you will get a huge collection of Fan Dimmers or Regulator Switch from top brands such as Schneider Electric, Legrand, Anchor, Cona, Honeywell, GreatWhite Electricals, etc., and given below are the various Models we deal in:

  • Roma, Roma Plus & Vision - Anchor
  • Smyle, i-Connect, i-Nano, Olive, Viva, Nice, HERO, Gold & METAL - Cona
  • Fiana & Myrah - Great White
  • Aspect, Blenze & Citric - Honeywell
  • Arteor, Myrius & Mylinc - Legrand
  • Zencelo, LIVIA & Opale - Schneider Electric

Buy only Best Quality Electrical Products from Eleczo

You might have encountered problems with the dimmer light switches in the past. If not selected wisely, they can cause problems such as increased internal heating, bulkier in size, more power consumption and a lot more. To eradicate all such issues, pick from our finest collection of fan dimmers that won’t cause any such issues.

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