Foot Light

Foot Light

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All About LED Footlights

LED footlights are made up of high-quality aluminum and it is available in different shapes and designs where it can be suitable for staircase, pathways, office lobbies, hotels, and other areas. Foot Light is used to illuminate a surface in the upward direction. These come in various types, colors, and models as given below: 

  • Colour: Black, White, Silver, Metallic Grey, Magnesium
  • Type: LED, GLS
  • Model: Roma - Anchor, Vision - Anchor, Olive - Cona, Myrah - GreatWhite Electricals, Arteor - Legrand, Myrius - Legrand, Mylinc - Legrand

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LED Foot Lights have been in vogue for few years because of their unique properties that include low power consumption, higher efficiency, greater brightness, and a lot more. With these advanced features and technical excellence, we are ready to sell the latest of Foot Lights online. These can be used anywhere from passages, staircases, stages or driveways, etc. Shop for Branded and Efficient Foot Light for stairs at Low Prices

An ideal combination of Branded Staircase Foot Lights at low cost is what everyone is looking for. And we are here to give you what you require as per your need and budget. Choose from the diversified range of LED footlight brands such as Anchor, GM Modular, Legrand, and Norisys.

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If you are searching for the best footlights for home then visit eleczo to shop for the best quality electrical products at a one-stop shop. As one of the most trusted dealers of electrical items, we supply quality goods and accessories across India. The product list consists of:

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  • Protective Relay: Earth leakage Relay & Earth Fault Relay

  • Capacitor: AC MFD and Power Capacitors

  • LED Lighting Products: LED Bulb, LED Lamp, LED strip lights, LED Deco Lamp, LED Ceiling Lamp, Downlight, Tubelight, and more.

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