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Anchor is the leader of world-class electrical products suppliers in India. Since the beginning of the 21st century, we have been offering our customers the best household electrical aids. Anchor Electrical Private Limited is a subsidiary company owned by Panasonic Company of Japan. The Anchor was merged with Panasonic in 2007. Recently Anchor has changed the legal name to ‘Panasonic Life Solutions India Private Limited’ in 2019.


Anchor is one of the biggest manufacturing hubs of modular and non-modular switches in India. The electric company is best known for the production of switch models along with other electrical equipment. We provide the customers with the best electrical products based on the current customer demand. Various buttons, lights, doorbells, plugs of Anchor are available in the largest to the smallest of electrical shops. The wide range of popularity of the brand has reached the products to each corner of India.


Anchor - Electrical Modular Switches and Lights for home

Electrical Modular Switches and Lights for the home have drawn the massive attention of the customers. The lower price of the products enables people of all economic class to buy practical, urgent electrical items.

Anchor supplies different types of switches to perform various functions in our daily lives. The switch models are designed to control the flow of current via electronic circuits. The customers need to know which type of switch they need for different purposes.


We offer a variety of Anchor Switch types like mentioned below,

  • Rider

Anchor Rider is available in different colours like black and white with the slim and mega-size model. Switch sizes like 6A, 10A, 16A are available. Anchor Rider model offers the customers bell and indicator functions. Switches are equipped with 1 and 2 modules and ways based on the model. The Anchor rider switches prices ranges from 40 to 100

  • Roma Urban

The model of Roma Urban is white in colour. The 10A switch is equipped with 1 module and one way. Model no. 66111 consists of the indicator. The prices of Roma Urban ranges between Rs.125 and Rs. 150..

  • Woods

The Woods model is commonly available in white colour. The switch is equipped with 2 module, 1 and 2 way, bell button and indicators. This switch ranges above 150/-

  • Roma Classic

Roma Classic is comparatively a more popular model. The SP model is available in classic black and classic white colours. Roma Classic is available in 10A and 20A. Roma Classic model offers bell switches and indicators. The range varies from 120 to 150/-

  • Roma Plus

Roma Plus is a white coloured switch model suited for every house. The switch is available in both module 1 and 2. Indicators and bell buttons are also equipped with the model. In addition, a model of Roma Plus also consists of a Dura switch. The price around 150/

  • Thea

Thea is a modular switch design of Anchor. The switch is equipped with a modular wall box and mounting frame. A variety of colourful models are available to decorate your home. Thea is a comparatively expensive switch model.

  • Vision

White Panasonic Vision Modular Switches are available with 2A model and 230 V. You can use the white coloured switch model for home. The price ranges around 50-60/-.

  • Europa

Europa is a series of artistically designed metal finish switches best-suited to decorate your home according to colour and design. Switches are available in bold black, classy pure white, classy Silver, Aqua Blue and Metal Gold etc. 20A switches are available in 3 modules and one way.

  • Ziva

Ziva was launched by Panasonic Life Solutions in India in Uttar Pradesh. The high-quality modular switches of Ziva are available in a pocket-friendly range.

  • Penta Modular

The recently launched Penta Modular switch model is a symbol of success for Anchor. The model is known to be India's first piano switch. The brilliant aesthetic appeal of Penta grabs the attention of interior designers.

  • Penta Switches

Penta is a series of newly designed switches from Anchor. Different modules and ways are available in these models. The buttons are available at a cheaper cost.

Anchor produces a great range of electrical items, from a variety of doorbells to spike guards to plug tops to multi plugs to key cards. Besides modular switches, we also provide the customers with non-modular and modular electrical mounting boxes.

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