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Shop Online GM Modular Switches, LED Lights & Other Electricals at Best Discounts on Eleczo.com!

GM modular has revolutionized the world of electrical accessories, maintaining the standards unfailing, unchanging and everlasting. GM modular supplies ranges from GM modular switches to lighting products and many more, affluently meeting all your electrical requirements. Whether they are  for industrial, commercial or home application, the Manufacturing brand successfully delivers best price electrical products.

Acquiring 14 years of experience GM modular has pioneered the world of electrical, along with its top notch invention  for instance Wifi home automation, Bluetooth music players, Lux, G1 Led, F1 Switch panels, and many more in the list, has made GM modular the trusted brand, satisfying all your electrical demands.  Aspiring innovation  in every aspect of technology, GM modular has came up with some unbeatable products  intended to deliver better, comfortable and  never-experience-before lifestyle.

Glance at GM Electrical Products

GM Modular Switch Panel: As the name suggest intelligently built switch panel with high quality craftsmanship and worlds most finest crystals depicting true essence of loyalty with 100% safety, modularised to meet all your  mechanical and electrical specific requirements.

GM LED Lighting Accessories: GM modular brighten up your life with huge range of Led  products and other lighting equipments. One of the most popular modular GM led down light, immensely cut down your electricity bill saving upto 85% of energy.

With many more remarkable features like gesture controls for music and call, one switch panel for multiple handling  such as controlling  blinds, fans, home lighting and air conditioners along with door lock system, equipments functioning on Wi-Fi 3g/4g or any other public network, housing all such products GM has marked itself as the fortified brand of electricals.

GM modular benchmark is its incomparable varied range of products, includes:

Double pole switches, Bell push switches, 10- 15 Amp fuse, T.V / Tel Sockets, EDP Sockets, RJ-11 Tel Jacks, Regulators, Dimmers, Electronic Door Bells, Emergency Lights, Portable Torch Lamps, Step Marker Lights, VDP, USB charger and so on.

All  GM modular products comes with guaranteed safety, true elegance and exclusively designed unmatchable features. To get you an experience of  these features,  Eleczo.com - one stop for all your online electrical shopping  make sure  GM electrical product reaches at your doorstep at most affordable prices. Accommodating  wide range of GM modular products along with detailed technical specifications of each, ensures our clients get exactly what they are looking for. Being the wholesale dealer of all the trusted brands, best price products are always assured at our electrical stores.

Whenever any brand turns up with discounts and offers on any of their product, we make sure it lands up at your home too, which you may not find in other supplier offerings. With customized delivery service, our distributors ensures dispatch of the product as per  Buyer's chosen delivery date. Resulting, to make Eleczo your ultimate destination for all your electrical buying.