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An Exclusive Range of Prok Dv’s Products at Great Prices

Why Prok Dv’s products?

Prok Dv’s is a well-known and one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and traders of Power Protection and Control Equipment. All Prok Dv’s equipment is known for their high performance and low maintenance.

Eleczo – Your online store for control gear and signaling devices

At Eleczo, we stock an extensive range of Prok Dv’s products at highly competitive prices. From relays to low voltage switchgears, we have got it all covered.

Whether you need an earth leakage relay or an ACCL for your domestic or commercial property, you can be sure that we can provide you with all that you need. When you buy products from us, you can feel assured that you’ll receive top-quality and guaranteed products at unbelievable prices.

Customer satisfaction is our motto and so we not only offer genuine Prok Dv’s products but can also go to any extent to make your purchase a pleasant experience.

We offer Prok Dv’s products in the following models:

1) Control gear and signaling devices

  • Overload relays

2) Relays

  • Protective Relays – We have 302 types of Protective Relays in different designs and specifications in our stock.
  • Earth Fault Relays – We have 29 varieties of products under this category. Designed for transformers, generators and feeders, Earth Fault Relay measures the current using sampling technique.
  • Earth Leakage Relays – We stock 273 varieties of Earth Leakage Relay products. Using microcontroller based protection, Earth Leakage Relay detects low level due to degradation of the phase conductors and continuously displays earth leakage currents.

3) Low Voltage Switchgears

  • ACCL – We offer 41 products under this category. ACCL can be used to measure true RMS load current with under and over voltage cut off for EB and DG.

Why Eleczo for Prok Dv’s products?

  • As one of the leading electrical product suppliers, distributors and wholesalers for Prok Dv’s products in India, we understand our responsibility to not only maintain our high standard of customer services but also to exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • We stock a wide range of top-quality, genuine, latest technology and durable products at competitive prices.
  • We also offer Order on Credit facility wherein you don’t need to make payment every time you purchase Prok Dv’s products from us.
  • We offer easy ordering and on-time delivery services. We ensure only quality products are delivered to our customers.
  • You can choose from our multiple payment options, including net banking and card payment. You can be sure that we will provide you with an excellent customer service.