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Electrical conduit is a defender for wires and cables from impacts. To protect your electricity, outstanding sorts of conduits are most required for your buildings. Eleczo is the best approach for the first-class products to secure your buildings wires. Depending on the condition of areas and requirement of consumers our eleczo categorized lot more sorts of Conduits. Check out the speedy collections of Conduits and accessories that are generally utilized for Commercial and Industrial buildings— Metal Electrical Conduits (EMT, RMC, IMC, FMC and Steel), Non-metal Electrical conduits (PVC, RNC, ENT, Fibre, Plastic, Flex conduits), Conduit box, Flexible Conduit Pipes and Holders, Clamps. Enjoy the plenty of extreme collections to protect your wiring system that are provided by the eleczo online suppliers, dealers, and distributors. If you wanna shop best quality electrical products from top notch brands, Eleczo is the purest portal for your needs at reasonable costs with Attractive offers on purchase. Best products are awaiting to catch!!

Brands of Conduits & Accessories

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Conduits and its Accessories cover electrical wiring and cables from dampness, abrasion and synthetic compounds to ensure security against short circuits and harm. All the more explicitly, they are in cylinder form or piped used to secure and give the way of electrical wiring while frill and fittings (Coupler, twist or bend, reducer, and so forth) has an effect.

Explore A Wide Range Of Electrical Conducts & Accessories

Now-a-days, to protect wirings there are several types of Conduits available based on the requirement. Here is the quick list which are commonly used for buildings:

  • Metal Electrical conduit (Steel and EMT, RMC, IMC, FMC conduits are mainly used)
  • Non-metal Electrical conduit (PVC, RNC, ENT, Fibre, Plastic, Flex conduits)

To guide you in a better way, we are providing different sizes of conduits to protect from hazards,Conduit sizes in length (18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm conduits, etc.)

Conduit fitting accessories are now available in various sorts. Such as,

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Now know about how these will help against hazards!!

A lot To Know About Conduits And Accessories For Your Requirement

Electrical conduit is a safeguard for wires and cables from effect, dampness, and fumes. It is a way for power or electrical wiring. It is commonly cylindrical and made of metal (steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum) or non-metallic materials (plastics) and is either firm or versatile. Extraordinary sorts of conduits are required for wet surroundings and perilous areas.

Types of Conduits :

  1. Metal Conduit —Metal Conduit made up with galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum in numerous structures. Different sorts of metals are commonly not used for Conduit. 

While metal conduit so often be utilized as a grounding conductor, conductor circuit length is restricted and it is more secure to utilize cables that incorporate a ground wire. 

  1. RMC (Rigid Metal Conduit) - RIgid Meta Conduit is the most popular conduit to use for all purposes in industrial areas. RMC is made corrosion resistant by a coat of PVC or by galvanized metal. The corrosion resistance opposes the harm from water or different synthetic substances that can corrupt metal. 
  2. EMT (Electrical Metallic Tubing)— EMT gives a decent proportion of safety for the cable inside, it ought not be utilized in dangerous regions where it is presented to cut off harm (at power plants or traffic of vehicles). EMT conduit is light in weight, simple to twist, and is utilized inside or within the walls
  3. IMC (Intermediate Metal Conduit)— IMC has walls that are slender than RMC, however thicker than EMT. Along these lines the heaviness of IMC additionally falls among RMC and EMT. IMC is threadbare, yet it can likewise be un-strung and utilized with clamp type of fittings. It is for the most part produced using steel and can be coated. This is additionally a decent decision for uncovered walls in cellars, garages, outbuildings, and regions the conduit can be hit or harmed.
  4. FMC (Flexible Metal Conduit)— Flexible metal conduit is extraordinary for regions that require tight twists(bends) and lacking elbow quarters would make it hard to twist customary conduit. Water heaters, can lights, and attic vents are incredible instances of regular adaptable for installation.

There are three types of Rigid Metal Conduits:

  • GRC (Galvanized Rigid Conduit) It is well known as a form of RMC and is mostly used for Industrial and commercial purposes.
  • PVC aluminum coated form, cost effective with long lasting features.It is best suitable where there are chemical vapors that erode the steel.
  • PVC coated rigid steel, which is impenetrable to oils, acids, grease, alkalis, and dampness and is fire resistant.

Non-Metallic Conduit Usage And Types— Non-metal conduit is a plastic conduit, additionally called PVC. It is utilized in regions where metals can cause issues. It is additionally used where it will be in touch with water, for example, underground.

  1. Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit (RNC)— PVC conduit is regularly utilized in underground and wet area applications. This sort of conduit has its PVC fittings, connectors, elbows, and couplings. They are not difficult to connect with a cleaner and PVC sticky. Along with the PVC, you should consistently run a green ground wire in the conduit for appropriate grounding techniques at connection points.
  1. Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing (ENT)— Non Metallic conductor is regularly produced using PVC and is a decent decision for outdoor applications. Blue electrical nonmetallic tubing (ENT) is for indoor utilize as it were. 

With such countless assortments of wire conduits, it is the ideal opportunity for you to choose the best products for your requirements. To help you to purchase the best, Eleczo gives enormous item inventory consisting of cable conduits, fittings and accessories— everything at an affordable budget!!

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