Circular Box

Circular Box

Electrical Circular Box - Most Economical PVC Conduit Fitting

To cope up with the emerging technology, manufacturers are bringing innovation in every packaging solution. PVC junction box or a conduit circular box is one such example that meets all customer needs for various industrial and commercial applications.

Conduit Round Box Overview - Typically designed in round or circular shape made of PVC material; electrical junction boxes are used to enclose electrical wire cables and connections mounted on ceiling surfaces, under floors or concealed behind access panels - particularly in domestic and commercial buildings.

Range of PVC Circular Box Offering Multiple Advantages

PVC junction boxes are mainly classified based on specifications and sizes. Because of the PVC material used in these boxes they can be mould into any shape; square, round, circular box, etc. As a result, suppliers and distributors can provide conduit junction box with various shapes in order to fulfill all user specific needs.

Circular electrical box used in wiring regulations comes with brass inserts and covers providing excellent tensile strength. Such conduit circular boxes are known for high durability, corrosion resistance, and high performance. However, the benefits are not restricted to electrical box or other junction boxes (PVC round/circular box) delivering quality features like:

  1. Easy installation and longer life
  2. Toughness (not easy to deform)
  3. Protect the wire and cable from damage
  4. Used with PVC Conduits Pipe and tubes

Your Best Match PVC Circular Box at Best Price Only on!

PVC round boxes are widely used conduit accessory, because of its various advantages and compact size, it can easily fit into your industrial and commercial areas. To make this electrical item part of customers work space, whether need indoor or outdoor electrical box, our product catalogues includes all. Our online shop provides one of the leading brand PVC electrical box — Precision offering distinguished range of circular box at huge discounts. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Circular box outlet having 1 way, 2 way, 3 way & 4 way terminals
  2. Sizes (20mm, 25mm, etc.)
  3. Colour (White, grey, Ivory and black electrical covers - Most preferred buyer's choices), etc.

Above types successfully suit the diverse demand of our clients.

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