Overload Relays

Overload Relays

Overload Relay with Best Quality & At Best Price On Eleczo.com

Overload Relays - An Overview: A relay operates as an electromagnetic switch and is used to Turn On or Off a larger electric current by a comparatively smaller current. Relays can be categorized into various types depending upon the operating mechanism, application, actuating parameters and characteristics.

Over load Relays are used for protection against loads as well as motors in case of any phase failure or asymmetry as well as against overload conditions.

Wise Selection Of A Over Load Relay

If not chosen wisely, relays can be damaged or their contact life may be reduced. Therefore, before selecting a particular relay & accessories, you should be well aware of what type of relay you need and for what purpose. Some of the considerations while choosing a over-load relay include:

  1. Switching time
  2. Operating environment
  3. Assembly and mounting
  4. Coil voltage and current
  5. Coil and Contact protection
  6. Number and type of contacts
  7. Contact current and voltage rating

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