Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans

Exceptional Quality Ceiling Fans at Attractive Prices

Eleczo is a one-stop-destination for ceiling fans of all size and style, whether it is for home, office, or any commercial space.

Why choose a ceiling fan?

For homes

An AC is the first choice for cooling a space, but you would have to pay a big amount for its purchase and on the bill it generates. No more worry. Buy a high quality ceiling fan, beat the heat and be cool throughout the year. Ceiling fans you buy from Eleczo can provide you with these amazing benefits:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Year-round value
  • Can be style driven accessory for your interior
  • Offer versatility from room-to-room
  • Provide beautiful and functional illumination

For commercial spaces

If you’re feeling that you can’t afford ACs for your office at this time or your building is not compatible to the installation of AC, buy a fan of your choice from Eleczo and let us delivered it to your doorstep within the assured time. Whether you need fans for your convention hall, office, club or hospital, we have a wide range of fans with attractive designs and colors that can perfectly meet your need.

An exclusive range of Crompton fans

Whether you need a plain ceiling fan, a plain high speed ceiling fan, an electroplated ceiling fan, or a premium ceiling decorative fan, we have an exclusive range of Crompton fans. Eleczo offers you Crompton Ceiling Fans Online of both 3 and 4 blades.

Why buy a ceiling fan on Eleczo?

  • Quick ordering for an exciting shopping experience
  • Personalized delivery for your delight
  • Fans with excellent blade pitch, blade finish and motor quality
  • Energy Star rated fans for maximum energy efficiency
  • Rate Contract, an exclusive feature which offer you a specific product at the same price over a certain period of time
  • Order On Credit, an exclusive policy wherein you don’t need to make payment every time you purchase from us
  • We are a leading fan supplier, distributor, dealer and wholesaler in India
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