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LED Lights

LEDs are classy and fabulous for any kind of purpose. These are the most recent advancement and are famous for their productivity, scope of color, and durability. Nowadays elegance is generally accompanied with the Excellency of LED. Create your luxuries in all directions with Our LEDs of Bulbs, Lamps, LED Chandelier lights, LED Panel Lights, LED Street Lights, and LED Flood Lights. Eleczo provides LED lights that are ideal for various applications including night lighting, art lighting, and outdoor lighting. Nothing decorates your lifestyle without LEDs. We are the best online suppliers, dealers, and distributors that give you the best brand in the world of GM Modular, SyskaLED, Wipro, and more !! We always focus on quality products for our customer safety. Our catalog is even more delightful; with our simple portal design‌, everyone can easily search for their required specifications‌ to fulfill their ideal dreams. Eleczo gives you a lot of offers on leds at affordable prices with 24/7 online service!! Drive your cart online!!
LED Lights

Brands of LED Lights

Bring more Brightness to Your Surroundings with Decorative LED Lights

A light emitting (LED) is a PN junction electrical equipped light that works on 2 side phase capacity. The light is bought by P side and translated to the R side, such light is bought within the heat and light energy. In Led Lights, there are various colors, textures, sizes in the prototype which can be used in industrial, outdoor & household appliances.

Check back the Kinds of LED Lights & Its Suitable Electric Appliances

While purchasing LED Lights for Home or Industrial circumstances, one must know the specific lighting products apt for the relevant appliance. In the electrical market, Invent of Electric Light consist one object i.e, Brightness slowly it turns into decorative object means things used for interior design to get stylish look. When lights has been prioritize & mainly consider for decorative purpose made to introduce various kinds of LED Lights can be optimized only for relevant appliances.

Various kinds of LED Light represent the suitable appliances by its name but, lays under in different lighting options as follows.

Domestic & Commercial Lights Outdoor Lighting Industrial Lighting Clean Room Lights
  • LED Highbay Lights
  • LED Flood Lights
  • Well Glass Lights
  • LED Panel Lights
  • Bulk Head Lights
  • LED Down Lights


Get all the Top Brand Lighting Products in One Place at Eleczo

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List of top brand Lighting Products with Specific Models we deals with are

GM Modular – Espano, Filo, GH07, G-Zero, G2020, Goco, Plano & lot more.
Syska LED – Quadra & RDL Series.
Wipro – Garnet.

Quick Buy the Top Brand Best Selling Products, which meets Appliances Requirement.

  • GM Modular Evo GM 0729 White LED Bulb
  • Syska Cygnus Series SSK-SKC-0.5W_Red LED Bulb
  • Wipro Garnet N50001 Cool White LED Bulb
  • GM Modular Lucia GM 0134 Neutral White LED Tube Light
  • Syska T5 SSK-RA-0801-N-4K Neutral White LED Tube Light
  • Wipro Garnet D612065 Cool White LED Tube Light
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