Batten Lights

Batten Lights

Batten Light — Smartest Lighting Solution

LED batten lights have been drastically replacing traditional fluorescent tube lights and bulbs. Owing to the various advantages such as lightweight, slim line providing elegant and stylish look, less power consumption, quick installation (20 battens can be fitted in a line in just few minutes), etc., makes batten light LED the most obvious choice for all your commercial as well as residential uses.

LED Batten Tubes Designed for All

Installation of LED batten light fittings and fixtures is a one way process and consume very less time as compared to conventional lighting. Once the LED batten tubes are installed, you can simply change the lighting as per your requirements or you can even upgrade you existing fluorescent linear lights to LED.

Custom Made Batten Light for All Types

Batten lamp holder, tubes, and fixtures are designed to work with all of LED tubes with easy to fit in commercial & industrial plug connectors. They can be paired with high lumen, 24/7 sensor, dimmable tubes, etc., costing very less than a typical fluorescent batten fixture and tube.

Inexpensive LED Batten Lights at Eleczo - Your Best Online Electrical Shop

With this much benefits of LED battens, we at our online shopping destination brings you the latest version of batten fix lights integrated with built-in LED tube capable to withstand all the climatic condition thus makes it weatherproof and money-saving option. To make it more delightful for you, we provide all electrical & lighting products at discounted rate so that you get the best price batten lights at your home.

Famous Brands at Our Electrical Store -

At Eleczo we have a wide range of leading batten light manufacturers and few of them are:

  • Wipro - Garnet
  • HPL - Legacy, Satin, Satin Plus, Satin Gold, Legacy Plus, legacy Gold, Exal, etc.
  • Crompton - Trim Linea, Victor, LED Batten, Batten Light, Cute Linea, Green Ledline, etc.

Enlisting only trusted brand products, ensures our buyers receive quality and safer batten LEDs. Apart from batten lights, our huge product catalogue includes electrical control gear products (power contractors, push button, overload relays, indicating lamps, etc.), wires and cables, switches, plugs and sockets, low-voltage switchgears, and many more electrical products at great discounts and deals!

Exclusive offers, wholesale price, user friendly website, massive electrical product inventory, detail specifications and a lot more at makes us stand top amongst the list of electrical distributors.

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