Get Uninterrupted Current Supply to Commercial Buildings & Apartments by adopting the right ACCL

ACCL- Automatic changeover current limiter is a device controller which is present in any main switchgear that helps you experience uninterrupted current from your generator while the main power supply is cut, providing power supply up to 20ampere on an average, excluding the high voltage consuming machines like, air conditioners, etc. An Automatic changeover current limiter is a necessity, it also controls high volt power supply controlling the damage to the circuit, to ensure safety, comfort and proper power supply.

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With a wide variety at Eleczo, we are happy to expose various models of ACCL for better understandings to make better choice of it, the list of models are Electron, Prok dv’s, EuroII DV’S-Havells and many more to match your need and expectations. We deal with single as well as double phase units such that they can manage about 30 amperes to 50-ampere voltage on an average, having a more controlling capacity for large apartments and buildings

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