RCCB - Residual Current Circuit Breakers

RCCB - Residual Current Circuit Breakers

RCCB protects your circuit from sudden currents

Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) protects people and electrical circuits from sparks and fire caused due to faulty wiring.

RCCB trips or disconnects the system during the imbalance of current. Not taking much time, RCCB trips within 20 milliseconds after deducting abnormal or sudden currents.

Know What are The Types Of RCCBs

ABB, C&S Electric, Siemens, Hager, Havells, L&T Switchgear and many more are top brands of RCCB that you cherish. On our portal, you can find ABB switchgear price list and excellent featured MCCB of top companies. In addition, the friendly designed interface displays a clear picture of the product, brand, and other information to compare and filter products easily.

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One can buy Acti 9 ID K - Schneider Electric, Betagard 5SM3 - Siemens, DX3 - Legrand models of 2 and 4 poles RCCB. You can completely rely on AC class protection type of RCCB of type A, type B or type AC tripping characteristic. However, detailed specifications are scripted in the RCCB catalog online only on Eleczo.com.

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As we are the RCCB suppliers of a wide range of electrical products and equipment, we ensure the best product reaching the consumers at affordable and reasonable prices.

Fast selling RCCB at best price

The RCCB dealers and distributors in India, sell several electrical goods for residential and industrial purposes like switches & sockets, tube lights, fans, wires; RCBO, MCB, ACB and many more. In addition, we provide amazing offers and coupons for your shopping! The manufactured assured warranty and genuine products can be ordered in bulk quantities and can be paid credit installments. The hassle-free easy purchases and customized door-step delivery makes your product reach on-time. Having 600+ certified sellers, 50k+ products and 50+ brands on Eleczo.com, leaves no option for inadequacy on your shopping. Buy RCCB online only on Eleczo.com - 'the one-stop destination for all electrical goods.'

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