L&T Switchgear - MCCB - Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

MCCB - Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

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L&T presents another scope of MCCB . These give a home to your MCCB that consolidates prevalent style, unparalleled wellbeing, liberal space for link end and easy establishment L&T's for MCCBs are accessible through an across the nation system of channel accomplices these are electrical insurance contraptions that can be utilized with a wide scope of voltages. MCCBs, as they are usually known, have movable outing settings and can hold as much as 2,500 amps in current evaluations. They are likewise utilized with frequencies that are 50 and 60 Hz and have the accompanying 3 capacities: They Give security if there should arise an occurrence of electrical blames by quickly interfering with a flow that is amazingly high because of a line deficiency or a short out. They ensure in case of an over-burden where the current is higher than the evaluated worth and endures a more drawn out time than ordinary Larsen and turbo have a well quality product that is present And are Improving quality All Over The WORLD.

Selling L&T Switchgear electrical products & it’s discounts

  • L&T 6a mccb - ₹219.00/- Each
  • L&T 25a rccb - ₹2,620.00/- ₹1,205.20/- Each
  • L&T 4a hrc fuse - ₹102.00/- ₹62.22/- Each
  • L&T 1000 amp changeover switch - ₹78,860.00/- ₹58,105.60/- Each
  • L&T 415V auxiliary contactor - ₹1,060.00/- ₹646.60/- Each
  • L&T 25 amp mpcb - ₹2,710.00/- ₹1,653.10/-Each
  • L&T 415V capacitor duty contactor - ₹1,830.00/- ₹1,079.70/- Each
  • L&T 3 pole power contactor - ₹28,910.00/- ₹13,587.70/- Each
  • L&T 14amp dol starter
  • L&T automatic starter
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