What Is Lug and Where to Get It At Best Price? -

Lug is an Important electrical connector used to keep your appliances safe. Lugs are used to join two or more electrical circuits together, also known as connector as it builds a power connection between cable terminal and electrical devices. Installation of cable lugs is very easy and simple, you can quickly remove and reinstall it for maintenance and repair work. These devices securely connect or terminate cables to control panels, junction boxes, equipments and machineries, power distributor, etc.

Types of Electrical Lugs

There are many types of cable lugs or connectors available in the market today which have been classified based on user application, material, and specification like size, shape, colour, etc. Some of them are listed below: 

  • Cable Terminal lug
  • Copper - Aluminium - Steel lugs
  • Ground lug
  • Fork lift lug
  • Mechanical cable lug
  • Wire lugs
  • Compression lug
  • Pin lugs
  • Bi-metallic lugs
  • Ring type lug, etc.

Now-a-days, manufacturers are providing customised connectors where you can choose any of the lug and modify it as per your needs.

Advantage & Working of Cable Lugs

Basically one end of the lug is connected to the cable by means of soldering, welding or crimping whereas the other end is fastened to supply point using bolt, screw, or spring clip. According to size and shape, you can select the best match for your application. Every individual lug type has its own advantage like copper cable lugs with fork terminal are light in weight, flexible and corrosion resistance used in telecommunication, chemical electronics, mining aeronautics, etc. Locking lug nuts are another widely used connector that find its application in auto-mobiles such as manufacturing of tires, drums, disc, etc. However the basic functionality remains same; to ensure safer cable termination.

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