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Best Rating Electrical Equipments for All Your Hotel & Hospitality Needs...!

We at Eleczo take care of all your hospitality requirements providing high quality electrical items at best prices along with complete line of small and large hotel appliances and components for your hotel guest room, public area, security purpose electronics and other speciality needs.

Shop Different Types of Hospitality and Hotel’s Electrical Items from Leading Suppliers

We house various types of hotel hospitality electrical supplies, so that we can fulfill all our buyers need whoever lands on our Website. Some of them are explained below: 

Shaver socket: These electrical devices are used in bathrooms and places close to water proximity, because normal plug and sockets cannot be used due to the risk of electrocution. Mounted in an isolation transformer that cuts it off from the rest of electrical system prevent the risk of electrical shock. Since the current is very low it will power a shaver or electric toothbrush, but not an item like a heater or a hair dryer. The circuit will shut down if it gets too hot, thus keeping the user as safe as possible.

Considering the importance of this safety device, we at our online electrical store keep leading manufacturer shave sockets such as:

  • Vision, Roma & Roma plus shaver socket - Anchor
  • Fiana, Myrah - GreatWhite Electricals
  • Wraparound, Aspect, Blenze & Citric - Honeywell
  • Arteor, Myrius - Legrand

Available in various types of colours and models to make sure our buyer’s need get accomplished with ease at our shop -

Key card: It is an electronic device that grant access to a room or area, that allows you to have complete information of how many people are at the hotel. With the help of this access equipment it becomes easy to identify any criminal activity and non-guests entering into the premises.

At Eleczo, we make sure our customer’s key-card buying goes 100% satisfactory, providing them all the products of trusted brands, some of them are listed below:

  • Electronic keycard
  • Ring type
  • Key ring tag, etc.

All above mentioned key cards are available in different colours and rated current (20A and 32A).

DND & MMR: Both the devices are used to maintain privacy. Do not disturb (DND) and Make my room (MMR) both units are provided on a single switch panel. Where DND selected by the customer result into No bell/buzzer ring inside the room on the other side MMR is an outside unit.

Wraparound DND switch,Wraparound MMR indicator, I-connect DND and Citric MMR, etc. are some of the names our suppliers deliver.

All the above mentioned hotal & hospitality products you'll get from leading manufacturers and at best discount price only on So, start shopping all your electrical needs required for hotels and hospitality now with ease! 

Why Electrical Shopping Only at Eleczo??

More than 10,000 electrical goods, wholesale market price, best discounts, well-defined product catalogue, detail technical specifications, multiple brand choice, Rate contracts, 24X7 customer support and many other features listing our electrical supply store foremost in satisfying customer’s requirements.

Top Electrical Dealers and Distributors at

Anchor, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Legrand, C&S, Mennekes, Wipro, Philips, L&T Switchgear, Lapp Kabel, Honeywell, GreatWhite, GM, Teknic, Prok dv’s, TDk, etc. are few of the names that we have in our brand listings offering varied range of electrical components at lowest price and offers.

Wide-range of Electrical Goods Meeting All Your Industrial, Commercial and Residential Application

Apart from hotels and hospitality, we have more than 10 categories of electrical items and accessories which is then further divided such that, you can select easily and quickly eliminating search time wastage. Some of the products are SPD, load control selector, over load relays, illumination modules, RCBO, RCCB, Push Buttons, etc. there are many more in the listing fulfilling all your needs. Tap into the world of electricals and make your shopping memorable with us -!