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Hotel Key Cards: A Basic Overview

Gone are the days when you used to check-into a hotel room with a key. Those keys have been replaced by a Key Card system that is far too safer and efficient than a normal key. Keycards are basically used to open or close a door in a hotel. These devices have built-in sensors and are primarily used for high security purpose in hotels. Besides being used for security purpose, a Hotel Key Card is very handy to use, highly durable and has a convenient operation.

Types of Keycards at Eleczo India

A Key Card comes in various patterns, excellent designs and multiple sizes. Presently, Eleczo supplies three types of Key Cards, namely:

  • Electronic Key Cards
  • Ring Type Key Cards
  • Key Ring Key Cards

Electronic Key Card: is just like an ATM Card and have some coding to be checked by a computer. These devices have a separate coding for each and every room that ensures greater safety. Available Keycard Models

The following are various Key Card Models that we provide:

  • Arteor - Legrand
  • Roma, Roma Plus, Vision - Anchor
  • Olive, i-Connect - Cona
  • Myrah, Fiana - GreatWhite
  • Citric - Honeywell

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