Key Cards

Key Cards

Bring more Security by Enabling Key Card Device

A key card is an electronic device that integrates to a magnetic lock or a fiscal lock and has a pattern or a radio indicator that disintegrates and unlocks the door.
It is available in styles colors and patterns according to the high needs and is used at industrial levels, hotel, in unlocking the treasure keepers and so on.

Key Card Details for Better Understandings

The key card is an electronic intact device that helps you secure the doors, which is available in a variety in shades, device control techniques, and prototypes.
We at Eleczo, have a wide collection irresistible to ignore. Our collection includes a key card with various colors like White, Green, Yellow, Silver, Quartz and so on, with top-notch brand such as Anchor, GM Modular, Great White Electricals, Legrand & many. We stock both electronic and key tag to manifest the needs.

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