Motor Starters

Motor Starters

Do You Want to Buy Motor Starter at Low Prices? Then, Choose!

Electric Motor Starters at Eleczo - The Best Electrical Suppliers

Our inventory consists of motor starters of following current ratings:

  • 20A
  • 16A
  • 32A
  • 25A
  • 16-25A

The most commonly used starters are: manual starters and AC magnetic motor starters, also known as motor starters.

Why Eleczo to Shop Motor Starter?

Innovative, durable, safe and genuine - that’s how we define our products! Keeping customer satisfaction as our prime focus, we don’t leave any stone unturned to make you happy and contented. Eleczo - The Electrical Zone, also features the easiest interface, so that apart from getting a high-quality motor starter, you also have a great shopping experience!

Do You Want to Know About a Product in Detail?

At our online electrical shop (, click on “Product Info” appearing along with every product, and we will give you a detailed description of that product in the form of PDF. Refer the detailed description in the form of voltage ratings, current ratings, applications, etc., and then make the best buying decision.

Various Models at Eleczo India

Have a look at some of our models of Starter Motor at

  • Rome, Roma Plus - Anchor
  • Olive, i-Connect - Cona
  • Myrah - GreatWhite Electricals
  • Blenze, Citric - Honeywell
  • Myrius - Legrand

Other Electrical Goods and Accessories on Eleczo India

In addition Motor Starter & other wiring devices accessories, we also have large product range that consists of: Low-voltage switchgears (MCCB, ACB, RCCB, MCB, LBS, Changeover Switches, etc.), Lights, LED Ceiling Lamp, Controlgears (Contactors, Push-button, Illumination Modules, Relays, MPCB, etc.), LED Deco Lamp, Industrial Plugs and Sockets, AC MFD & Power Capacitor, Protective Relay, LED Down Lights, Wires & Cables (Single Core, Multi-core, Flat & Pair Cable), Tube Light, and so on.

Choose from Multiple Brands and Get Maximum Benefits

Our zone of electricals encompasses an expansive array of Brands from the most reliable and trusted partners. Some well-known Brands are listed above. Buy the different types of motor starters (Star Delta Motor Starter, Manual Motor Starter, Magnetic Motor Starter, etc.) from these great Brands only at Eleczo and have the best shopping experience ever!

The Seller Part at Eleczo

Now buy as well as sell electrical goods on our Website and make an identity of your business amongst the virtual crowd too! Moreover, optimize your inventory, consult us and get assistance in planning your inventory and become a smart seller on Eleczo. Besides this, we will help you out in getting your Brand a recognition in every part of the country in the easiest ways. To sell, register at and start adding products now!

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