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What are Sockets?

Socket is used to connect electrical appliances to the ac power supplies. This device can be found anywhere from residential or industrial to commercial or institutional buildings. A socket connector set comes in variety of shapes, sizes, colors, etc. and differs in voltage and current rating and the type of connector.

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Our product catalogue incorporates a series of power sockets from diverse Brands including Honeywell, Legrand, Schneider Electric, Anchor, C&S Electric and more. With all these reputed names from all over the world, there automatically comes a sense of trust, reliability, genuineness and durability. So spend your money wisely and purchase only quality socket set from our online electrical shop in order to get rid of any sparks or device malfunction in the circuit.

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Search for the desired Model of Sockets from the list below:

  • Zencelo, LIVIA, Opale - Schneider Electric
  • Roma, Roma Plus, Vision - Anchor
  • Olive, i-Connect, Smyle, i-Nano, Viva, Nice, Deluxe, Gold, Deluxe Old - Cona
  • Divino, Primo - C&S Electric
  • Fiana, Myrah - GreatWhite Electricals
  • Aspect, Blenze, Citric, Wraparound - Honeywell
  • Arteor, Myrius - Legrand

Not only based on models, you can also get different varieties of sockets at our electrical zone based on shape, size, colors and pins. The sockets types that you will get at Eleczo based on number of pins are: 2Pin Socket, 3Pin Socket, 4Pin Socket, 5Pin Socket, ….13Pin Socket, etc.

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We are not limited to provide only electrical protection devices. Instead, you will get a lot more products, much higher than your expectations. Major categories include Low Voltage Switchgears (ACB, MCCB, Bypass Switch, RCCB, LBS, etc.), Miniature Circuit Breakers, Power Contactors, Push Buttons, Control Gears, Plugs & Sockets, Wires and Cables (Single Core, Pair, Flat & Multi Core Cable), Capacitors, Protective Relays, LEDs (Lights, Ceiling Lamps, Tubelights, Downlight, etc), and more.

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