Spike Busters

Spike Busters

Control the electrical sparks from spike busters

To safeguard an electronic/electrical devices from the electric sparks during the routine usage is very important. It can be protected by an electronic wiring device, spike buster. The perfect destination to find spike busters online is from Eleczo, as they are the online dealers, suppliers and wholesalers of electricals.

Why purchase Spike Busters?

Spike busters are normally used to protect the electronic/electrical devices from the electric spikes. In general, during the lightning and thunderstorm, there is a huge provision of high voltage fluctuation! So, if you are a routine electrical device user, stretching the usage of multiple devices at a same time, then the spike buster is the perfect wiring device which acts as a protection to all your gadgets. The extension cord of the flex box makes possible the pinged devices available till certain meters.

Find the perfect brand of spike buster from Eleczo

It maybe for office use or general use, buy G M Modular spike buster as it is the most suitable and qualitative brand to meet your need.
It is available with:

  • 1 master switch
  • 4 individual switches

It can also be shop based on the type:

  • Extension cord
  • Flex box
  • Spike Guard / buster

Number of sockets

  • 2 socket
  • 3 socket
  • 4 socket
  • 6 socket
  • 8 socket

All the sockets are available in the normal or international pins, leaving the flexibility for the user. This product is available in vibrant colours and shapes, providing an option to make the suitable choices. Some generic colours may be white, black and red. On the basis of the look and nature, they are called with various names, like E-Book, power mate, jewel, spike shield, geo, trio etc.

Why shop on Eleczo?

  • Online platform to buy and sell electricals
  • Online of distributors and retailers of spike busters and electricals
  • Good quality at reasonable prices
  • Eleczo assured and guaranteed
  • Reliability and durability
  • Quick and personalised delivery
  • Hassel free and safe payment processing
  • Option to make bulk orders
  • Provision of credit payments
  • Unique benefits and add-ons on the payment
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