Spike Busters & Surge Protector

Spike Busters & Surge Protector

Protect your Electrical Appliances by Using a Spike Busters/Guard

A spike guard is a tool that protects electrical appliances by electrical shocks. They turn round when the electrical power is high and needs to be controlled. They control the flow thus protecting the appliances by high spike, as the word is derived by the constituent. Now by electrical spikes online at best price visiting Eleczo.com is only the trusted way.

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With a large variety, we deal with various brands that catch attention towards providing great product initializing, that can supported with ease and innovation. We deal with top-notch brands like GM Modular in giving the best spike guard. Get wished products at preferable brands at Eleczo one of the finest supplier, dealer and distributors of Spike Guard in India, Also check for the GM Modular price list

Get to Know the Product Specifications for Easy Pick-Outs Accordingly

We deal with various kinds in spikes, with a radius ranging in spike protector, with 6 socket plugs available in various colors. There are types in spike guard, coil span and varied shapes as well There is a large product catalog available with various other electrical product, switches, switchgear,plugs, wires, hand tools relays and so on

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GM3060 - Spike Buster
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