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Why select EATON electricals?

In this fast growing technology and infrastructure, electrical equipment play a major role in the growth and development of any sector may be hospitals, factories, vehicles, industries etc. EATON Corporation Plc, a well-known company for electric power, supplies all the required equipment and electricals in favour of the sector. It is known for the reliability and efficiency.

EATON electrics from Eleczo

Eleczo is an online site transacting electricals products. They are the online dealers, wholesalers and distributors of the Eaton electricals. It might be low voltage switchgears or control gear devices, all are transacted by Eleczo online.

Check the product catalogue of Eaton electricals from Eleczo

Low Voltage switchgears

MCBs are of 1, 2, 3 poles of the rated current from 1A to 5A, having various voltages of the types AC and DC MCBs with breaking capacity of 10 KA, 25KA of B, C and D curved and models PLHT, PLSM, PLS6 are available.

  • LV Fuses

LV Fuses of the current rate 2A, 3.1A, 3.7A, 4A, 5A of various BS types and voltages of Clip, centre, offset tags having breaking capacity of 20KA, 25KA, 31.5KA, 33KA, 40KA of multiple sizes are in stock.

RCBO of PKNM model of AC type of 1 pole having the voltage of 230V AC the currents 2A, 4A, 6A, 10A, 16A with variations in tripping are sold.

  • Semi-conductor fuses

BS type of Eaton fuse of the rated current 6A to 16A of the voltage 240V AC, 690V AC and the braking capacity 20KA are operated.

Control gear and Signalling devices

Power contractors of DILM and DILMP models of the motor rating 3KW, 4KW, 5.5KW, 7.5KW, 11K, auxiliary contacts of 1, 2 , 4 NO and AC having 3 and 4 poles with the current 7A TO 18A having various coil voltage are held.

  • Auxiliary contractors

Auxiliary DILA model contractors of coil voltage 24V AC, 24V DC, 42V DC, 48V DC and 110V AC of 4A current having various auxiliary contacts are mentioned.

Why trust Eleczo ?

  • Online retailers and suppliers of electricals
  • Single platform multiple electronic products
  • Technical advisors online
  • Trusted and reliable products
  • Easy pay and quick dispatch
  • Order tracking and contract rating
  • Bulk order and credit pay
  • Benefits and add-ons on the payment