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Finolex Cables are an Indian based cable manufacturing company. The company was established in 1958 under the flagship of Finolex Cables Group. Finolex is famous for its PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride sheets, signage, and interior products. The warehouses are located in Goa, Uttarakhand.

The company varies its production from electrical ranges to other domestic appliances. Its electrical cables’ products include 1100 volts PVC insulated cables, three core flat cables, automotive cables, UPS cables, heavy-duty, low voltage, and so on wires. The significant products under Finolex wires and cable included - PVC insulated electrical wires, PVC winding wires, PVC corrugated sheets, switchboard cables, and much more. 

Along with these, they majorly work on other different types of wires. These are like -

  1.  Electrical wires and Cables: Wires with a single electrical conductor with other groups of wires swathed in the sheathing. The electrician looks for specific sizes. The American wire gauge system does the wiring. 

  2. Telephone cable - The set of wires required for telephone line transmission. Finolex has Finolex 2 pair telephone wires. It is one of the best collections of PVC telephone cables with maximum durability. 

  3. LAN cables: The LAN cable helps in connecting the computers with the network. It can even connect with a wireless LAN, ethernet, or networking cable. Finolex provides some of the best LAN cables with provided PVC foam.

  4. Coaxial Cable - Another type of cable with an inner conductor surrounded by an insulating layer. A conductive shedding covers the cable. The coaxial jacket may or may not be present. The term ‘coaxial’ refers to the inner conductor and the outer shield sharing a geometric axis. 

  5. CCTV Cables: CCTV cameras have such wires. RG59 coaxial cable is the type used in such cables. It’s highly effective to make the pictures visibly clear. 

  6. Speaker cables - The speaker cables make the connection between loudspeakers and audio amplifiers. The insulator like plastic or rubber insulates the modern wires.

  7. Wires and Cables Accessories: - At Eleczo, we have electrical accessories like Electrical Insulation Tape and as well as Lugs.

Types of Wire and Cables- 

  1. Single Core Copper Cables: As the name suggests, such cables contain a single conductor. The conductor is constructed with aluminum or copper insulation. The primary purpose of these wires is to pass a heavy flow of electric current.
  2. Multicore cable: Industries run on multicore cables. The wires can hold the heavy load of the enormous machines. Multicore cables are profusely used in television studios. A 26-pin cable connects with other devices to connect the video cameras and control units. The power feeds into a single jacketed cable. It combines multiple powerhouses to pass electric current from one source. 

  3. Pair cables: A pair of cable contains twisted wiring between two conductors.

FAQ's on wires and cables 

1) What is a single core wire?

Single core cables have a single conductor that is constructed with aluminum or copper insulation. Although these cables have a single conductor, their thickness and gauge can vary. Single core cables are designed for domestic and household purposes.

2) What is the difference between Single core cables & Multi core cables?

Generally wires and cables are used for communication and transfer of electricity. In cables there are two types namely, single core and multi-core cables. The difference between these two cables are the construction and application area. A single core cable contains one electrical conductor which can be solid or stranded in construction. In multi-core cables combine multiple conductors. The cores are electrically insulated from each other. Multicore cables can be found in various industrial sectors.

3)  What wire is better solid or stranded?

Solid wires are better electrical conductors and provide stable electrical characteristics over a wider range of frequencies. They are less likely affected by vibration or susceptible to corrosion since they have less surface area than stranded conductors

4) What is the core of a wire?

The Core is nothing but the number of connections that can be made using these wires. The conductors of cable are generally copper wire. In a telephone cable they may be very numerous and insulated from each other. In ocean cables they may be a group of bare wires twisted or laid together.

Finolex being one of the large companies in the electrical field, still emerges to put forth advancements. Apart from wires, Finolex makes switches. Their domestic range of Finolex wires and cables is the most trustable. Finolex wire cable price list starts from 1500-2500 INR. They precisely put forth on making wires like corrugated sheets. With advancement, they’re providing electrical switches to make better use. Thus, in the world of the electrical industry, Finolex is considered to be one of the dominating companies so far.